Friday, April 9, 2010


I couldn't decide which one I liked more! But that's the flower he gave me randomly...and the great ring!

This one has to be added. '53' is his semi-pro football number and we were using his jersey's as background. Naturally, we had to get the number in there so it could be more "significant" to him! haha :)

I captured this loving moment between best friends this week too. Hercules is a terror sometimes; a tried and true puppy! But we can't help but adore the living crap out of him! It's quite apparent in Steven's eyes if you ask me...

And what do best friends do more than anything??? They share beer!!! Yep, Steven usually ends up pouring a little beer into Hercules' bowl so that he can enjoy one of the simple pleasures in our life. More often than that, Hercules will just indulge in the condensation that collects on the outside of the bottle, can, or mug. We find it hilarious! Is that wrong???

Yesterday was one of the better days I'd spent out and about in a long time. Steven's best friend Jimmy came up and spent the night on Wednesday night. They enjoyed a bit of Wii playing while I read a book. Then come Thursday morning, we all woke up, I called into work (wasn't feeling too great as it is...), and then headed south to get Steven fit for a tux for his "brother's" wedding on May 1st. (I say "brother" because they're really cousins..but they were raised together more like brothers...). It was enjoyable to hear the stories from the both of them and just enjoy the sunshine! Round trip, we probably drove around 200 miles but it was worth it! I got this shot of our mountains in the and snow capped...along with the slowly greening plains! I love Northern Colorado!

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