Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Showers...

This weekend was our time for celebration!
First baby shower:
Was successfully thrown by my good friends Karli and Lauren. They were great!!! We had a fairly decent showing of people (it was mainly my family) and had a good time just relaxing and being girls!

Second baby shower:
Regardless of having 23 rsvp's and only about 7 people showing up from that, it was a great time! We laughed at the silly games we played and enjoyed all the loud boys having their "Beer Shower" in the front of the bar!
I was originally planning the whole thing and wasn't going to make a big deal...but my friend Jamie called me Friday night saying that we were fighting because no one should have to organize their own baby shower! Well, needless to say, when I arrived at the shower she has FOOD, GAMES, DRINKS, ETC. all set up and ready to go!!! I was blown away!

Forgive the's one of the better pics and he's of course doing that!!! FIGURES!

We also got a few belly pics and maternity nice shots to use in our baby book!! THANKS TO KARLI! :)


Jackie said...

The last picture is my favorite!! You two are looking really good! Next time Mike and I are back there we'll hang out fosho. I'm hoping to go back sometime this year *crosses fingers*

This Little Girl Dreams... said...

lol you are way too cute! The pictures are adorable! Glad you had fun at your baby shower : )