Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today feels like a brand-new day. One of those that everything just seems happy and nothing can ever get you down!

Last night, our dearest little one, my Marlee-bug, was a moving machine!!! I layed for at least 30 mins in the same position with my arm caressing my belly so that I could feel her dancing like there was no tomorrow! Today, I've felt her do the same...she amazes me already! I can't imagine what it'll be like in 3 short months, 96 days, when she's actually staring into my eyes! *sigh* I love LOVE! :)

Steven started work approximately an hour ago. He was understandably nervous but I was quick to remind him that his boss is a very good friend of ours already and that one of his co-workers has known me for years and loves the absolute crap out of me! (Jackie-it's Mr. Heroy..substitute from HS) :) I just hope that he can call or text me half-way through his shift and tell me in his excited voice about all the things he's learning and how he feels like he'll make a difference... I really think he will... Steven's an amazing person with an amazing past that he's used as growth rather than letting it break him down!! Oi, again, I love LOVE! :)

Here at work, I sat through an incredibly boring hour and a half meeting about numbers and engagement surveys and blah blah blah....but in the end was recognized for being a faithful employee for nearly 3 years now! I'm the proud owner of a plaque and a 2010 Olympic Coca-Cola scarf! Honestly, as cheesy as it all is, I'm pretty excited about the scarf! haha

Now for smiles, I would like to show y'all what I see each and every day looking down at my feet! I actually have to lean forward a little to see this, but I think it's cute! :)

My feet...well, lack there 26 weeks!


Erica said...

I love it....all of it!!! Happy....Happy Day!!!
Sorry I was absent from sp today, Ill be back tomorrow!

Apryl said...

Aw that pic is so cute!

Jackie said...

Wow! I would probably trip all the time if I couldn't see my feet.

Apryl said...

PS hop over to my Blog, I nominated you for an award!

Life with Kaishon said...

Such a great picture. Seriously L.O.V.E! : )

I also love your music!