Friday, February 19, 2010

Transformation please?

I want new hair...haha

We watched "GOOD HAIR" last night. It's a documentary by Chris Rock about black hair. Rather humorous, and honestly quite interesting!

It all just kind of made me think how honestly "ethnic" my hair really is even though I'm nearly the whitest person I know!!!

My hair was stick straight as a child...but once I hit that lovely puberty it decided to curl it's way up my head! Now I've got "nappy" curly hair that I generally can work well with, but it just bugs me...

I don't want to get rid of my hair...nah, that'd just be silly of me! (I mean, why would I get rid of hair that can be either curly or straight?!) What I want is a new cut...and probably a new color!

It's my natural color right now (mostly...ends are the reminents of color from about a year ago) and its an okay shade of reddish brown...but I think I want to go full on REDHEAD!!! How does that sound!?

Now for cut...I love how long it is...but really, I need to be able to do a little something more with it..maybe I just need a few lessons in curling irons! ha I don't know...

Essentially...I want this:

Cut like this: