Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ok, this time I'm not lying!! :)

Alrighty folks...start the drumroll because here's what everyone has been waiting for for quite some time...and again, I'm sorry that I've sucked so much lately!!! :)

For comparison's sake! :)

I don't think that much has really happened in the few weeks...except maybe a little rounder and it's moved up a bit. I can tell you that most people are surprised at how big I already am! I know, I know, it's going to probably be a big baby!!! Steven's first two were 8 and I guess I shouldn't anticipate anything less...


Jackie said...

It's beautiful! It has moved up quite a bit. My mom (and my entire family for that matter) became a house every time she was pregnant and we weren't huge babies. My cousin Jess said she was starting to show at 2 months. I've pre-warned Mike of this.

Apryl said...

So cute! I looked like an alien when I was pregnant. I will find a pic to send you of my nastiness the night before 3 days of hell began...but not until later.

Don't want to frighten you ;-)

Kendra said...

Jackie- yeah, I don't know if it's all baby or fat..haha...but I've only been gaining in my stomach so that's good! :)

Apryl- haha, you won't scare me!!!