Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A new light shines...

AMAZING is how the day started for us...I can't even express the huge weight that was lifted off our shoulders when we received a call from a dear friend.

This dear friend was calling to inform us that Steven is now employeed by her company! WHAT?! REALLY!? A job for Mr. Mervin!? THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

So, you ask, what in the world is the savior of a position???

He'll be working at Alternative Homes for Youth...working with (what I understand) youth sex offenders. Now, that just doesn't seem glamorous at all...but Steven has this amazing drive to work with troubled I think it's a perfect fit.

He's guaranteed a 12-hour shift on Saturday's and then the rest is on-call. I guess there are a ton of opportunities to get hours in though, so he shouldn't really be lacking.

I haven't really been told a whole lot (he hates being on the phone) but no matter what it's a little money in our pockets..and it's a little relief for our growing family! :)


Apryl said...

I am doing the Meposiam Dance of Joy (in case you ever heard of the show Perfect Strangers, you know this dance)


Kendra said...

I haven't heard of the show...but a dance is a dance! :) I'm glad you're happy along with me!

Jackie said...

Horray!! Congrats to you guys!