Monday, August 10, 2009

More people please???

I'm just wondering how in the world do I get more followers?!?!?! With only 3 on my list, I find hardly any inspiration to really blog much... you three have any great ideas to get me more followers?!?!



Erica said...

Well, I enjoy your blog :)

Besides, you Anna and Ruby being followers, I was follower-less for a long while and it was discouraging. I have about 28 or so on my home decor blog and at times I get 10-11 comments, then there are times when I cant get a single comment, LOL! Then my fashion blog I have 7 or so followers and you and Nancy are about the only ones who comment.

So, followers are a very strange thing to figure out, but quite a blessing, too.

Are you on a beauty/fashion forum? I am on a forum and that really helped get my blog noticed.

Hm, pics help I think, Im more apt to read a blog if there are pics.

Something I would love to have is a blog button, but I dont know how.

I could blog about your blog? Let me know.

By the way, I love your new header!!!

Kendra said...

Haha..well, thanks soooo much for all the words! :) I enjoy reading blogs...and I enjoy reading yours for sure! :)

I try to add pics as often as I can...but unfortunately, they're hardly ever of me because I don't have a digital camera...guess I'll start taking pics in the mornings when I'm getting ready and show people more of me! :)

A blog button!? Hmm...not sure what that is...but I'll have to google it or something :)

Thanks about the header! :) I needed something different