Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Poll

Just needing something simple to get my week started off with...

Mood: Irritated. I really want to be back on the ball with my fitness but I'm so unmotivated its making me sick!

First words out of my mouth this morning: Something like "Babe, it's time to go..."...I can't drive, so Steven has to get up every morning and drive me to work...Bless him! :)

What I'm looking forward to this week: A couple things..tonight, my aunt and grandma coming to watch us sing some karaoke...and then tomorrow starts Steven's football coaching and I know he's soooo excited about it so I can't wait for him to be in a good mood :)

One things I'd like to improve about myself: Self discipline. I'm so worthless when it comes to eating and working out...and I can certainly feel how icky my body is right now...

On my makeup list: I'd die for that Sleek Storm palette...but it's a UK thing :( I'm also needing foundation

What I ate: Water, Mac N Cheese with far...

Cheeks: Today I didn't even bother putting anything on...but usually a peach blush that I can't remember who makes...or Mary Kay Sunny Spice

Lips: Victoria's Secret Minty Lip Shine

Outfit: Pink/Purple/Brown patchwork skirt, blue/brown camis layer, black zip up over, brown flip flops

Fragrance: Victoria's Secret - Very Sexy

Weekly goals: Get my life back in order...

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