Monday, August 17, 2009

Couple things...

ONE: I got a Monroe piercing. I haven't taken a quality picture of it yet, but I will soon! :) (Probably when it's healed a bit more)

TWO: I've got a modeling photoshoot on Saturday lined up. I'm so excited about it but nervous at the same time! Steven told me that he's proud I'm going through with this dream of mine, and I'm proud of myself too!!! I usually dismiss the chances because I get to scared but now I'm trying to live my life in "GO BIG OR GO HOME" realm a little more! :) I'll be sure to post a pic from the shoot when I get finished!

Beyond that, my life has been the same...I haven't been able to fix my burning shopping bug and it's starting to get to me!! I just want something new in make up or a great new shirt...SOMETHING! Haha...any suggestions???

I guess I'll go ahead and do the MONDAY POLL while I'm at it too! I'll keep it short so no one gets bored! :)

Mood: Blah. Work has been pretty boring lately.

First words out of my mouth this morning: "Darn dogs"...they whine so much in the mornings..but I don't blame them. I would too if I were locked in a kennel and really needed to potty!

What I'm looking forward to this week: Car show on Thursday and photoshoot on Saturday

One things I'd like to improve about myself: Self discipline. I'm sticking with this one...

On my makeup list: I need foundation badly..and would love a great pallette

What I ate: Water, carrots, dark far...

Cheeks: L'Oreal Perfect the lightest, peach color

Lips: Nothing

Outfit: Black gauchos, blue tank and black tank, black cardigan, flipflops

Fragrance: Victoria's Secret - Very Sexy

Weekly goals: Clean house, eat right, workout!

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Jackie said...

I've been slacking on my blog reading! I'm so glad you're taking this opportunity and going for it! I'm excited to see how the photos turn out.