Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weight-less journey...

I'm not sure when this journey will start...I feel like it has already but it's not being shown very well on paper!

My mind is made up...
I have all the right mental tools...

Now it's time for action!!!

And with that action, I've joined a challenge on Sparkpeople.com. It's the Rachel_Mac Progress Picture Challenge! I have to post weekly progress photos in blog posts.

I'm not really scared about showing my mostly naked body out there...but more just scared I won't change week to week and I'll be a failure!


I also did some calculating via some BMR/RMR calculators available out there on the 'net. Here's my findings:

Current BMI: 34 Healthy BMI: 24.9 and under
Current Weight: 192 Healthy Weight: 140

Current BMR/RMR: 1671/1590
Healthy BMR/RMR: 1446/1354

On another site, current BMR: 1583

According to all these numbers, I will need a 506 calorie deficit each day for one year to lose the 52lbs I need to. 758 calories for 8 months for the same result.

Now I'm doing some investigating and some asking of questions because I don't really understand what to do with all these numbers...
Once I learn, I will blog!

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Little Rus said...

Will keep fingers crossed for you, sweetheart. But, honestly, as long as your hormones are alright, you will shed some of the weight naturally over the next 6 months. Don't worry too much about the numbers, but rather do your best to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, avoid junk (that's all white stuff (flour, rice, sugar etc.), soft drinks, alcohol. Drink plenty of water, eat wholegrains, lean chicken/turkey/meat, fatty fish, nuts, natural yoghurt (you don't need low fat one, just regular and organic), cottage cheese (low fat organic), some milk, 2-3 fruits (fresh) and plenty of different vegetables, aim for at least 250g per day of anything but white potatoes. Drink green tea, up to 6 cups per day and you can also drink cup of good coffee.

Also if you like, you can join my Facebook page and my new blog, where I write a few useful things about nutrition and healthy eating.

Take care


P.S. Almost forgot the link... http://www.facebook.com/pages/optimumnutrition4ucom/124567960908509?ref=ts