Monday, November 29, 2010


I did measurements today because it is 30 Day Shred Day 1!

Starting Weight: 194...yes, I know it's high...but that's because I have a snacking problem. And I usually end up eating something salty before bed...which makes me retain water over!

Waist: 43"; Natural Waist: 38.5"
Hips: 48"
Right Thigh: 27.5"
Right Arm: 13.5"


This is the last week of the first half of Marlee's life (does that make sense?). I can't believe come Saturday she'll be 6 months already! It's amazing how time flies!

Along with this milestone, she has figured out how to flop forward from sitting, push her legs out from underneath her, squirm on her tummy some, and then flip to her back! I wish she'd spend more time on her tummy and figure out how to move her arms with her legs and at least rock!

I know, all you mother's out there are yelling at me saying "NO, don't wish for that! Love when they are immobile!" Yeah, I should...but I don't. I can't wait for her to start crawling...walking...running!


Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Awwww...gotta love measurements!!! Ewww. Ick.

Good luck!

BTW I found you at HYC! Welcome!

Brenda Over 40 said...

I don't love measurements, but it sometimes tells the picture better then the I say, good for you :) I am also a salty person...ESPECIALLY at bedtime. Took me a long time to break that habit. But I am here to tell you, it is breakable. Good luck with the shred!!

Kendra said...

Thanks for the good wishes! :)