Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few thoughts...

I know I've lacked in my blogging lately...but I'm a-mess with thoughts.

I've decided I want to write my own book. I'm not sure it would ever get published, but I feel I need to write out how I feel about being a mom. I guess we'll see when this gets off and running and how I really feel about it then!


I'm wondering what it would be like to actually have all my mental motivation come true. I've got all the right tools...the right skills...everything...to achieve my weight loss goals. But I let life take hold. I let the fact that when Steven is home we do nothing but sit around control my workout schedule. I don't know what it is, but I'm embarrassed to workout in front of him.

I asked him today if he would do some Yoga with me so that I wasn't stuck alone...but he told me no. I'm not sure what to do.

I can't go out and do my walks/jogs right now because we just got our first snow of the season...it's cold...and I keep getting sick!

I meet with a nutritionist about every 2 weeks...this should motivate me, right?! Yeah, it doesn't.

I log my food every week day (I don't weekends because I don't have computer contact) and I still eat 1900+ calories every stinkin' day!!

I'm at a loss...and not a good one!


I have a rainbow striped box at home by the heater. Inside is my laptop. The one that has died..and I'm not sure if I can save it. The one that has ALL my photos from my study abroad in Ireland. The one that I loved having! But otherwise, I don't remember what else is in there... Maybe I'll do some treasure hunting and dig into it tonight... I hope there's something really good in it!


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