Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow and heartbeats...

Well, it snowed... a lot! haha Friday it let up...but Saturday night we got pounded!!! About 6 inches...which luckily melted off the roads on Sunday and we were left with a wonderful, winter look!

As my dad stated, it was a "Norman Rockwell snow" wind...means no drifts...just tons of snow piling up!!! LOVED IT!

Steven did get his tattoo finished..and I'm not really a color fan, but it looks pretty cool!

Tomorrow, I have another doc's appointment...its just another prenatal check up but I'll probably be hearing the heartbeat for the first time (I hope)!!! :)

I e-mailed my grandpa today. I was going to wait and tell everyone on Thanksgiving next week but I have no idea how to break the I figured the easiest thing to do is e-mail my grandpa and let him gossip! haha...haven't gotten an e-mail back from him yet...but hopefully he's very excited about it. I know the only problem they'll have is that Steven and I aren't married..but really, we don't want to be.. We've both done that already and don't feel its necessary for our family success! Guess we'll see what comes of this...


Apryl said...

You don't need to be married to have a child.

Trust me. ;-)

And (hopefully you will NEVER go through what I did...) single mom's are the cool new thing, didn't you hear? (Psssh you're awesome ;-) )

Computergirl said...

Hope the family email goes ok. Everyone is different. Most peole I know have only got married once (even if they aren't with that person anymore). A few have got remarried, but .... Are you ruling it out all together, or is it just a 'maybe one day, but it's not a prioriy at the moment'?

It is kinda cool to get both families/sets of friends together- I think people tend to do that more for weddings than birthdays/christenings over here. I dont know if its different where you are.
Hop the scan goes ok too!

Jackie said...

Could do the ' I can't have wine sorry' line.