Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E-mail success and health!

Well, the e-mail went FANTASTIC!! In fact, what my g'pa wrote back was moving!! Apparently they were up in my area yesterday for a funeral, then came home to find my e-mail stating that I was bringing a new life into the world...which totally reversed their sad feelings into happy ones!! He went on to reminisce about when I was 1 1/2 and he was 54. He was recovering from a heart surgery and we were walking together, hand in hand, up the front walk at his house walking like a couple of drunken sailors! :) GREAT e-mail...

Now, as far as my doctor's appointment, everything was just perfect...my blood pressure right where it should be, no diabetes or any threat of it, my iron is even good (considering I don't eat much meat)...everything was good! :)

Then she brought out the doppler machine to find the heartbeat...within 20 seconds we heard the fast beating of the heart and a smile streaked across my face! We heard it for a few seconds and the baby moved so we had to find it again..and it was still there..strong as ever! It was fantastic!!! :)

Next appointment is a month away!

As an addition...I found a couple wonderful pictures of my grandparents...to be honest, I've never felt closer to them as I do right now...when I was born they still had a 12 year old at home, so I'm not sure they were ready to be grandparents...but I think this baby will help to close the gap we've had for so long! Both photos are taken by my extremely talented uncle, Kevin Moloney.


Apryl said...

That's wonderful. And those pictures are amazing.

I love old photos.

And I agree with your grandparents about death bringing new life.

Little Rus said...

Glad to hear everything is going great. And those photos are so beautiful... x

Jackie said...

I remember when your Grandpa came over to your house on your birthday and there were a bunch of us there also. He's so fun, and he gave us all quarters! Lol