Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Next baby pic...

Well, before we get to the more exciting baby pic portion of this post. I want to tell you about my Paranormal Activity experience. It was a good movie...I just wish I could get scared much easier..then I would have been shaking my arms around like the poor girl next to me! ha :) I was, though, the proud owner of a nightmare the next evening! haha I dreamt that my cat was the demon and that she was going to attack me...well, then I woke up and she was laying next to me...so I couldn't get back to sleep! Go figure!

Pregnancy + Scary movie = terrible dreams!!

Okay okay, so also on Friday we went to our ultrasound to measure everything...and, just like I feared, they said I wasn't as far along as I thought. They moved my due date back 10 days. It's not a whole bunch, thankfully, but still counts! Soooo..Due May 31, 2010...and here's our little teddy bear:

OH!!! I'm so happy to see that I have yet another follower!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE!

One last thing to cover, the dear Emma at Computergirl Musings gave me a wonderful blog award. I'm terrible at these things as of late...but I wanted to acknowledge the fact that she thought of me!!! :)


Computergirl said...

You're welcome :) Great baby pictures! Not sure what the baby mad of being taken to a horroh film!!!

Glad all is well and healthy!

Jackie said...

Aw! What a cutie!