Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photographs and what my blog really is...

First off, a couple of y'all commented on my last post with very positive thoughts on the photographs I'd attached. Both my grandpa (the one in the photo) and my uncle are successful photojournalists. They're amazing...I can only wish to be as good as they are; to see the world the way they do! Here's links to their stuff so you can experience their world's:

Kevin Moloney (uncle)
BLOG: Perfesser Kev
WEBSITE: Kevin Moloney

Paul Moloney (grandpa)
BLOG: Wondering, Wandering Photographer
WEBSITE: Paul Moloney

I hope y'all enjoy!

Secondly, I read this wonderful blog post by one of my favorites, This Little Girl Dreams, titled My Love where she talked about her love of writing and then ultimately the purpose of her blog in general. It's a beautiful post and has really made me stop and think what I actually started this blog for. I have 2 other blogs that lay dormat now because I've lost interest in the past few months and have simply focused on this one. One blog talks about my battles with Chronic Urticaria and is ultimately a journal of what I've eaten, done, experienced, etc for each day so that I can keep track. The second is, or was, supposed to be about my writings, styling, design, etc that I could share...but I lost my muse somewhere along the road.

Sooo, at this point, why am I even bothering having more than one blog...what's wrong with just simply writing WHATEVER I want in this one??!! I think I shall...

I never thought I'd have 13 followers like I do...really, I only thought maybe a couple good friends would be my followers and that was that...but now, it's booming..well, not BOOMING but it's certainly nice to see that other people care what goes on in my life! :)

On that note, I'll leave you today with the knowledge that I'm sitting here in my office with a surgical/painting mask on because they're working on our roof and the fumes are ridiculous!!! Within an hour I had a headache and my chest hurt...sorry, but my baby is NOT breathing this stuff!!! So, I look LOVELY! :) Oh the things we do for our children! ;)


This Little Girl Dreams... said...

Hey pretty girly I am so glad that my post inspired you. That makes me so happy :) I am honored to be considered one of your faves! Your uncle and grandpa are fantastic photographers I took a look at the websites. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

Kendra said...

Oh I will keep postin!!! You do the same...

Happiness all around! ;)