Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Goals...

On SparkPeople, one of my groups has decided to do a goal challenge for June. I have three main goals right now that I think will make a huge difference in my life if I stick to them!

My Goals:
1. Hold true to a workout routine (I'm much less stressed, worried, lethargic, etc if I'm working out regularly)
2. Manage my money better (use those envelopes we made to set money aside..and keep a balance in my savings account)
3. Clean every day (I'm turning into my mom as to where I want everything clean and just so...but it needs to be done since my house is so small)

I'm hoping that by sticking to them I can get a jump start into Summer and the next two years essentially so that things will fall into place just the way we want them to!

Wish me luck!

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