Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, after being on my Rx for over a week now...I'm seeing the hives come far and few between but that crazy itching it still there. Bothers me, but it's better than it was! I hope there's some other way to fix this...and fix it completely!

Aside from that, it's Stampede time. So we've been busy spending time down there. Thus far we've gone to the Free Stage to see Bob Purcell, wandered around the whole venue, got free box tickets to see Big & Rich and VIP passes so we ate and drank free that whole night, and now we're just looking forward to a rodeo this week and then Kid Rock on Friday night! :) It's been a pretty great year so far...

On another note, I can't believe it's almost July already!!! July means Eaton Days, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Steven's birthday, Independence Day, etc. It'll be a busy but fun month for sure!!!

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