Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally week closer!

Last night, while chilling in her very cool waffle pajamas, anxiously waiting for me to start reading a plethora of books to her, Marlee cuddled with her sock monkey that we've aptly named Butthole.

Yeah, I'm -that- mom...her dad and I named him Butthole because his butt and his face are basically the same pattern and we just have to laugh at the fact that the mouth and the butthole are the same size and shape! Maybe when Marlee can talk better she'll name him something else!


I've neglected to be very informant as of late...

I got the State Farm job!!!!!! This morning I took the highly uncomfortable potty test (sheesh I am a mom...potty is now a normal word for me). Now I just get to finish out my time here at Coca-Cola and enjoy 3 weeks of down time a.k.a. go-through-everything-in-the-house-time and start a new adventure!


I'm finding myself more and more comfortable with wearing my odd concoctions out in public. I live in a fairly straight laced area of Colorado, so I think I stand out. But oh well! I'm happy to finally feel like me!

Now if only I could get rid of this extra weight I'm carrying around, then I'll REALLY feel like me!


I bought a laptop computer! I'm terribly excited about it. But not so excited about the fact that I have to wait until March 1st to get it!!! GRRRRR...I can't wait to blog from it! :)


*sigh* 2 more weeks....and my life flips again....

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