Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding splendor....

So, being a wedding photographer is exhausting...seriously...

9 months pregnant doesn't help much either though...

Regardless of the aching feet, throbbing hips/pelvis, and all together run-down look...I loved it! I enjoyed capturing all the perfect moments in someone's happiness...and I'm looking forward to sharing this day with the bride and groom and anyone else who wants to see!!! I hope they're happy with the photos I was able to get.

Here are some of my favorites that I have editted so far:

I did capture the normal kiss in the ceremony...but I like this one...

The wedding dearest Steven being the tall gentleman with no hair ;)

Lovely little family!!! :)

Just married...I love these shots!

They never stopped smiling at each other!

I love when laughter is incorporated into the ceremony!

Grandpa's are the best!

This is actually a friend of the family...but one of the cutest pictures ever!!! I must admit, I didn't take this photo...I taught the bride/groom's two daughters how to take quick pics with my camera and this is one they came up with!!! I'm thinkin' somebody has a future in photography!


Jackie said...

These are awesome! Doing some photography with my phone has made me really really want to get a decent camera with zoom and focus! That last photo is definitely a keeper! It's amazing the shots that little kids can get!

Kendra said...

I dreamed of having my camera for a long time...and then I made the very tough decision to hold off on paying on my bills and bought it with my tax money!!! I think it's an investment and I definitely wanted it before my little bug got here!!! So, sometimes I have some remorse...but generally, I'm very happy I did get it! :) Oh, it's a Canon Rebel case you were wondering!

I was seriously AMAZED that photo came out from those girls...they rock!