Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WIC-ity WIC...

Well, meeting with WIC went was actually like this whole long orientation with like 10 other girls...we watched a video...watched a slide show...and heard a little, humorous lecture!

Afterwards, I met with my little counselor lady...who was very sweet and kind of spacey but we got me alllllll set up! Welcome to the wonderful world of WIC! THANK GOODNESS!!!

Now, in a month, I have a breastfeeding while I've pretty much read and re-read about all this and know the basics, I'm kind of excited to see what else they can tell me! I hadn't planned on taking any classes of any sort...mainly because I'm too poor to pay for the ones I've found...and not to mention, my dearest Steven knows a ton about this whole baby gig!

Well, Friday is one more day closer...and quite honestly, I'm not scared/nervous about the actual event...but rather what is to follow. Steven hasn't told his ex-wife nor kids that I'm having a baby. He wants to wait so that he can tell the kids that they're having a new baby brother/sister...understandable...but what I'm truly scared about right now is the reactions we'll get from his ex and the kids! I feel like I'm almost overstepping my bounds in way because the whole family thing was theirs.... I don't I just being ridiculous??? Worrying about other people WAY too much!??! I'm good at that...


Apryl said...

You are not overstepping ANY bounds.

That family life is past-tense. You are his now and his future, you and your child, together.

His kids will likely be excited about being older siblings..the ex-wife likely not so much. Just a guess.

But I'm sure she'll get over it.

You are going to be a great mom, and you are doing great already.

I breastfed Dylan until he was 13 months and was a counselor for WIC so you can count on me if you need me ;-)

(My BoobieBuddies called me at all hours of the night when they were I got used to it ;-))

Kendra said...

Thanks a million Apryl!!!