Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you doctor!

I love how easy my doctor's appointments are with this baby!!! It really makes my days seem a little happier regardless of the the fact I HATE being pregnant! :)

Today's verdict:
  • Blood sugar: 78 (excellent)
  • Blood pressure: 100/60 (A+ for me!)
  • Weight: Gained back my 3lbs I'd lost plus another 3lbs...bringing my total weight gain to 9lbs (please let me keep it around 15lbs)
  • Baby's heart rate: 146 (wive's tale says that's a boy)
  • Uterus measurement using the measuring tape: right on target for 20 weeks

AND the best part of the appointment was the scheduling of an ultrasound for Friday!! I'm overly excited about this because we should be able to tell what the gender is...it's about freakin' time!

Well, tomorrow's meeting with WIC had better go well or I'll be pissed! We really need the food supplementation and at this point I really don't see why we wouldn't qualify!! But who knows...everyone and their brother is applying for government assistance these days!

The biggest wrench of today (because, for some reason, I can't just have a generally happy post) is that we woke up with NO WATER! Last time this happened (last week), the pipes froze in the well in my grandma's yard. So, I casually called my dad asking him for some advice and he just called my grandma to have her put the heater back on in there. Well, turns out SHE doesn't have water either!!! WTF?! So, my grandma's boyfriend (yes she has a boyfriend...who might as well be my grandpa since they've been together for more than half my life) called the water people and they're apparently fixing part of the line up the way...Gee..thanks for the warning that today I wouldn't be able to quench my thirst with wonderful water, brush my teeth effectively, take a huge steaming dump in my own toilet, nor shower my already tangled hair! I just called Steven about a half hour ago and we still don't have water...guess it's whatever we can find to microwave or fry for dinner tonight!!! YUMMY....

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Apryl said...

I was a breastfeeding counselor for WIC, you should qualify, you only work part-time and you are not married.

At least you'd be all set if you were in MA ;-)

If all else fails come to Boston! Glad your appointment went well and all is healthy and normal, can't wait to find out what you are having and see the pictures!