Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple things make me smile...

That's's the little things in life that really lift my day! I'm not sure why but I love getting big hugs from my boyfriend, eating crunchy peanut butter and candy canes, crying during movies, and singing along to a great song. These little things are examples of what make me ME and really shape my ever changing happiness. Well today, Apryl is guilty of making me SMILE and boosting my mood with her simple, little effort to award me!

She awarded me this:

Now the rules of this award is that I'm to list 10 things about myself and then award this to 7 lovely bloggers! Hmmm....

  1. How about the obvious (if you've been an avid reader lately): I'm scared to death about this baby. I have all the instincts kicking in and I'm really happy to be a mom but in the same breath, I don't know how I'm ever going to financially support the child nor how I'm going to be about eating proper meals around my house.
  2. I yearn to photograph and travel at some point in my life. A few things hinder this ever pressing dream of mine though. Having a child will hinder the travel portion but will probably actually give me more to photograph. Being as the only true digital cameras I have are on my cell phone and a cheap grocery store version that is quite slow...(albeit I love the thing because Steven got it for me for Christmas)...I'm kind of strapped for a great portfolio to develop.
  3. I had a long conversation with a couple friends about a month back and discovered that I have no real, petrifying fears. Things like spiders, snakes, clowns, etc. don't scare me like they do the typical person. I've convinced myself that it's rather irrational but that just makes me seem like a total prick!
  4. I sleep every day until at least 10:30am. I might even go to bed at 10 or 11pm and I'll still sleep that long. There are points, many lately, that I wake up and toss for at least an hour around 6am...but I never give in and start my day! I guess I just feel like my days might go by faster if I just sleep...
  5. I don't really know how to drive a manual transmission car (stick shift). I've been taught and the fundamentals are in my mind, but every time I've actually tried to do it I just bawl my eyes out and get really upset with myself. So, I've just generally given up on the idea!
  6. I work for Coca-Cola. Now, as glamorous as that sounds, it really just sucks. My particular branch has about 60 employees and I see 12 on a regular basis. I sit in a dusty, crap office that is 7 feet by 7 feet and count part time status isn't even supported by health insurance, sick leave, etc. I'm just kind
  7. I fear my child will be the 4th generation through my high school. My grandma (who is now my neighbor and has lived in the same house all but 2 years of her life) went to Eaton, my dad (who grew up in the same house as my grandma) introduced many of my teachers to the Payne family line by having them first, me (who lived a block from my grandma until 2nd grade, moved to the house my parents are in now, and then moved back next door to my grandma on the land that both her and my dad grew up on) graduated in 2004, and now my child (who will spend the first year in said house and then probably move to Eaton where my parents reside now) will be blessed with an Eaton education. Essentially, we're all stuck in a in the same small towns...avoiding change.
  8. I have Chronic Urticaria...aka hives that never go away. It is, thankfully, in remission while I'm pregnant because of the influx of hormones, it kind of cancels out the histamine reactions in my body. All in all though, I have no rhyme nor reason as to why I can just wake up with nothing on my body and be covered in hives a few hours later without changing a darn thing in my life!
  9. I went to college at 4 different schools, studying 3 different subjects, and still have no degree to show for it! I started Uni. of Northern Colo studying Elementary Edu, then went abroad to St. Patrick's College in Ireland for Secondary Edu, third to Doane College in Neb for Secondary Edu, and lastly to Aims Community College back here at home for Engineering Tech: Computer Aided Drafting. Whew!!
  10. last thing....Oh! How about the fact that I have no drivers license right now. It really wouldn't be quite as bad as it is except that I live 5 miles from work in a totally different town. Steven is my chauffeur...mainly because he isn't working right now...and if he was, it would be my grandma (again, cause she's my neighbor). I am the not so proud owner of a DUI from this past February and I'm still not making enough money to pay for the $70 a month interlock system to put into a car...making matters worse, I really don't know what we'll do once the child is here...if I'm at home and Steven's working...we're pretty much stuck! Ah, tis life!

Okay, now for nominations!!! ***DRUM ROLL PLEASE***

  1. Jenn She puts no "butter" on her weight loss adventures
  2. Marie Hilariously waltzes through daily activities
  3. Jackie Only one of my most favorite people for the last ten time flies!
  4. Erica Has the BEST country home...
  5. Ferni Apryl gave her this award too...but she really is -that- great of a blogger!

Alright, going to be honest, I don't have many blogs that I read EVERY day anymore. It used to be many, many more but as my life has changed, so have my reading interests. I've realized how much I care more about the honest day to day stuff rather than who is coming out with the newest eyeshadow! (No offense to you lovely're true experts!)


Apryl said...

Glad I made your day love you earned it ;-)

Robin said...

I completely know how you feel with the uncertainty of how you will afford a child. But trust me when I say you will figure it out. It's almost like second nature. It just works. Even when you (or others around you) think it won't. :)

Apryl said...

(PS I gave Jen the award too lol)

Kendra said...

Apryl, I totally realized that you gave Jen the award too after the fact...silly me! Oh well! :)

Robin, I hope it does click's hard enough right now as it is! But I guess that's what they have government assistance for!