Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The tests and my parents...

Here's a pic of the tests for verifications sake...and for my own "scrap booking" purposes! :)
The picture is terrible! I was taking it in a rush on my bathroom rug before Steven walked in and thought I was a crazy woman!!! haha :)

Telling my parents last night didn't go quite as rough as I thought it might. We walked in the door just as they were heading downstairs to relax and I asked them to both come up...I handed a little card to my mom that said "Imagine where they'll go" on the front with baby feet and "Congratulations" on the inside. We had both signed it. She read it, gasped, and said, "you're going to have a baby?!"

I told her yep...my dad didn't say anything...he just stood on the stairs and looked at us...I smiled at him and he kept a grin on his face.

My mom asked the obvious questions, "So where are you going to put a baby?" and "What about health care?" My answers: "We'll put Ziona with Hercules in his kennel and we'll put the baby in her kennel!" hahahahha j/k and "I'll apply for Medicaid"

We weren't there for more than 10 minutes...and that was that...no harm done!

NOW...I'm sicker than the dickens!!! Morning sickness 24/7!!! I'm not enjoying this part at all...except that it's obvious this pregnancy is sticking because my hormones keep screwing up my body!!! Bleck!


Erica said...

No way...Congrats...keep me up to date on things!

Kendra said...

Will do :)