Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, living in Colorado warrants the wonderful winter wonderland that everyone tends to dream about...and today, we're living in it! Well, the makings of it! It's snowing like mad and being in the country means snow drifts and ice! Ha! We have nothing to the north of us so we're going to be stuck working our way OUT of our house...oh joy!!!

From taken by fastdriving CAN YOU SEE THE DEER?

Its not all mountain-y and we don't have deer wandering around in my area...but I thought that was one of the better pics I've seen today. Hopefully, I'll be able to post an actual picture from my house tomorrow! ;)

Now to move onto a better topic, a blogger that I follow mentioned writing in a blog as a type of "free therapy"...she's right (do check out her blog too
Ex Hot Girl). I've sort of been contemplating the true meaning of my blog...the reason that I tend to write at least 3-4 times a week...So.."Kendra, why do you blog??"

I blog because, well simply, I live in the 21st century and hardly anyone keeps an actual journal anymore. It's much, much easier to just sit at the computer and type out your thoughts as they come flowing to you.
But really, blogging for me is about venting. The word venting doesn't have to come across as a negative thing. I vent happy things too...
Sometimes I blog to just find a way to say things in real life too. If I "vent" them and they sound good, then I'm able to say them to the intended person and things just go a little's like premeditated conversation!

Ok, in the midst of my rambling I've kind of lost some gusto...I think it's the hormonal headaches that I've had for 5 days straight now...ugh, darn those hormones!

Til next time...

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Computergirl said...

I think it is great for you to have a pregnancy diary, so you can see how you were feeling, how things develop. The snow looks great :)Emma