Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites...

I must admit I've been far too self-centered to really blog about anything that people might want to read! Ha! It's just been a mess of woe-is-me...people I'm pregnant!!! What a bunch of poo!!!

So, in the spirit of that what-not, here's a blog talking about a few favorites...and by favorites I mean, favorite blogs...These people I ultimately have, I mean HAVE, to read each day (pending they've posted) because it just brightens my afternoon!

**Drum roll**

Marie at Marie Loves...The Obsessions of a Shopaholic.... This girl...she's got such, well to be totally honest, undeniable humor in every word she writes!! I can't get enough! It doesn't matter what she's posted about (because honestly, I'm kind of picky somedays and don't read every blog I follow just the ones that seem interesting) and I'll read her blog. I just want to hear in my head the way she talks! Ha..that's silly! But ultimately true! Not to mention she's got this 80's look to her that you actually don't mind seeing! Being not a fan of the whole 80's thing (not dogging on anyone who is), I'm almost afraid of the way some people are. But Marie, oh Marie, she's just great! haha CHECK THIS GIRL OUT!

Natalya at Natalya's Beauty Blog-FilthyGorgeousMakeup. Really, the biggest reason I love to read her blog is because she's GORGEOUS!!! I say this in the "I'm not a creeper" way...she honestly is that beauty that so many girls would covet...BUT, in the same sense, she's truthfully down-to-earth and seems like a sweetheart! When it comes to her makeup she has a great adventurous side that I certainly admire! Really makes me want to have a bit more talented in the makeup department! :)

Jenn at Ex Hot Girl. Don't be fooled by her blog title...regardless of this girl's personal image she's a great lookin' gal! :) She, like Marie, has that bluntness to her that'll make you smile no matter what you're mood might be! She talks a lot about her life and mainly weight-loss journey, but in a way that you can totally relate! Not to mention, she has a great TMI Thursday post idea that will have you rolling every week! Along with this blog she also had a fun Bloggerhood of the Traveling Not So Fat Pants blog that chronicles a few gals taking over some pairs of her jeans in order to promote weight-loss! Humorous for sure! ALSO, she's a photographer...and a brilliant one at that...check out her work on this blog: JBe Photography

Jaqi at Jaqi Zoo. Now this girl, she doesn't post too often due to a very busy schedule, but she's one of my dearest friends...we've known each other for nearly 10 years now and I really miss her bum since she moved across the country! I love how creative this gal has gotten recently. She's taken up the wonderful world of knitting...I believe that's right...and is certainly 10 billion times better at it than I have ever been! :) I get way too overly excited whenever she posts or comments on my blog...haha...its really ridiculous honestly! Just can't get enough of my Jack-Attack!! *sigh* Speaking of...when's you're next trip to Colorado?!?! I know, I know, I owe you like 50 trips to Boston...will do that someday... :)

Alrighty, I've limited myself to 4 right now. I do read other blogs, and have an extensive following list...believe me, I don't follow if I don't read!! So, please don't be offended if I didn't mention you above...I'm not ignoring you or don't love you any less than these gals!!! PROMISE! :)

On that note, I'm "Audi"...haha (just watched Clueless a couple days back)! Sooo glad it's FRIDAY!


Computergirl said...

I really enjoy Marie's blog too- I try to read as many as possible, but there are only so many hours in the day!

I will check out the ones that I havent read very shortly!
Emma :)

Jackie said...

Hah! I do have a crazy schedule right now. I need to make a to-do list so that I can get everything done I need to!

Jennifer Brindley said...

Aww, thanks so much!! :) <3