Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snoring dogs and baseball...

Hercules...God love that dog!!! He's fantastic and on a whim last night, Steven and I decided to let him sleep with us in our bed. Now, mind you, we have a queen size bed and we're not small people. Add in a large dog and a's awfully cramped!!! BUT it was so great!!! Hercules is wonderful about laying down and holding still although he gets stretching modes and at various points either one of us was getting a paw to the throat...oh well!!! Sadly, I could hardly breathe all night and this morning I feel like I have fleas because I'm itching so much!!! I think I'm slightly allergic :( Soooo, on that note, Hercules won't be able to sleep with us anymore...but that one night was fun!

Aside from that, we're entering what we hope to be (crosses fingers) another ROCKTOBER!!! WTF!? You ask...Well, in Colorado we have our baseball team the Rockies...and two years back they entered into a wonderful streak of games in the month of October...coining the term "Rocktober". Well, it being Oct 1st, they are playing the game to clinch a playoff spot...

Sooo...lets have it!


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