Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, in my spur of financial trouble I've chalked on something more. I'm really not sure why I've done it...I think it's to console myself.

I've joined with All About Singles here in Colo. They take personality tests and what not and match you to people quite similar to you.

Sunday, I had a date with the first guy! He was a super nice guy..but certainly more of the type that if I ended up with him I would feel like the man in the relationship. They say to give the person 3 dates. Just so you can see how they really are... *sigh* I wish this were easier...

I think the hardest part is how I'm going to tell my parents that I'm paying nearly $900 for the next year to be matched on blind dates... I hope something productive comes of this!!!

I need to think about my ideal guy... If I get some sort of intuitive list going, then I can e-mail it to the matchmakers and they can see what I'm really really looking for. They have some sort of idea..but I should really look deep down and see...

-Work Ethic... Not just constantly working, but really takes pride in what they do and knows that they earn every penny.
-Intelligent... Can hold a great conversation when called for but not revolve life around useless knowledge. (Nor be classified as problem with these people at all, but I find that I'm better friends with them than romantically interested)
-Good looking... Not in the typical, societal sense, but rather that they take care of themselves and it in turn makes me want to take care of myself. (Make me want to look good as well and be proud to be seen with them)
-Has humor... I find no reason in going through life constantly cynical or upset. Everyone has their down times but save them with a smile. (I'm the kind of person that will never give a serious gift card, I always want to make someone laugh)
-Hardworking... Willing to do the grunt work when needed. Doesn't mind getting dirt on his pants and grease on his face. (I don't want to feel like the "man" in the relationship because I enjoy the dirt and grease)
-Goal-oriented... Isn't just settled into the life he currently has. People should always aspire to something more than where they are, otherwise, what's the point in living?
-Must love cats... Truthfully, they're a huge part of my world. I can't count how many times I've been upset and/or crying and it's comforted me just to pet or hold my cats.
-Traveler... Not afraid to explore the world. Seeing the world really opens a person's eyes to the things they have and the things they're missing. (Plus, I've lived in another country before..and would love to visit all my friends, and not alone)
-Common Interests... Not to the point where we're completely alike, but where we can both have input in a conversation. (I'd like to have sparks of understanding as well as a chance to learn something new)

I'm not particularly sure if I'm missing anything else at this point..

I do understand that these things can't be set in stone. People aren't perfect and acceptance and understanding are a huge part of life. Therefore, these are just things that create some interest from me.

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