Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thinking with change in my head..

The title kind of states two things: I'm thinking while counting money..so the amounts and the coin change are in my head...as well as...I'm thinking that I should make some serious..SERIOUS..changes in my life.

Yes, I've invested a fair amount of money into this dating thing..and thus far, it's been alright. I've only gone out with two people and have hung out with the second person a second time. As much as I hate the fact that I'm shelling out all kinds of money just to basically make new friends...I'm excited about it still! (not sure why)

The other funny thing is that I still have very honest, sincere plans to move to Portland in the next couple years!!! I HAVE to...not just WANT to..but HAVE to. I really need to get out of Colorado for an extended amount of time. Give myself the chance to really rely on only me as well. But again, I'm shellin' out the money for what then!?


I'm also wondering if it'd be worth it to kind of...well, become celibate... Its not like I NEED it...I'm just kind of there when it comes down to it actually...So...Hmm...Maybe I will...Probably actually...


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