Thursday, March 15, 2012

The simple things in life..

I can't explain how much I enjoy sitting Starbucks...drinking a NonFat Green Tea Frap...surfing the 'net...with nothing to worry about!

I've got hours to drown myself in other's realities while Marlee plays at "school" (daycare) and my house sits messy as can be!

I'm ever so slowly making headway on the house. I spent another hour in Target gathering up more clearance goodies to use for decor!! I'm getting increasingly excited to post photos about the changes. I should have taken BEFORE ones...hmm...maybe I'll do that for the living room, kitchen, and front room. Those are what are left. Granted, I've only got 5 rooms in my entire house!

Funny thought, I think I could make it in a city because of the house I live in. It's tiny folks! Like, 380 square feet...literally. I have a yard that we simply water the weeds in because the trees are big that grass has a hard time growing. So, I wouldn't have to worry about a yard like, ever. Just as long as a park was near that Marlee and I could go play in..


Gosh, can't you tell that I'm still yearning for that city life! I love my house...I love my family...but I love the thought of being a single mom, artistically raising a super independent daughter in a city with so much culture and life that I just want to scream!!!

I don't like being the odd one that drinks the bitter taste of green tea because it's lovely! I don't want to be the one that dresses funny and feels like I have to tone it down before I waltz around Greeley.

Greeley is sort-a an odd, country way...

But I want some coffee-drinking, book-reading, dancing-to-random-singer-songwriter-music living!

***Note to all this brother has a phone interview for a job in Portland...I would love if he moved there...then I'd move there...and then my parents would have to move there too because they'd miss all of us way too much!!!!***

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