Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 3-week vacation from reality!

While I have a 3 week break between jobs, I'm spending my time frivolously spending money on household stuff!

Yesterday, I started to redecorate and rearrange my bathroom.
Today, I'll continue that and I bought a few new things for it too! I'm actually really excited to get my house to looking like I want.

I'm throwing away things I don't use anymore...that just collect unnecessary dust...I mean, I already live in the country where dust tends to seep into odd cracks in the walls and I'm constantly cleaning it, but I don't need objects there to collect it and make it harder on me!

I'll post photos of how it all turns out once I get things in order.

I've got blue, green, and grey towels to go with my black and brown circle-y, dot shower curtain...haha...I love it!

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