Friday, March 9, 2012

2am thought processes...

As i lay here in the midst of Marlee, Elmo, and mounds of blankets and other various household things, i cant help but ponder my current lifestyle. Within me is something more. I constantly feel there's a giant suction cup tugging with insane determination on my inner self, but something always makes me pull it away and toss it non-chalantly into the corner. I'm avoiding the fact that i keep gaining weight. I'm avoiding the fact that i'm ignoring my creativity. I'm ignoring the true core of who i am. And for what?! A filthy, greasy pile of shit food that will only add an inch to my ass every day?! For a healthy dose of denial every time i get dressed?! Ha...something should be done...

Dear Life-
Get it is your chance... The Coca-Cola chapter ends today. Time to make this new one yours!
Thanks-Inner, artsy, happy, skinny ( Kendra

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