Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fa-twit-space Me?!

Do you ever wonder how in the world people can basically "live" through social networking sites?!

I understand that in our fabulous 21st century it's almost normal to live our lives out on the internet.

I blog because it's easy on here and I enjoy other people reading what I write! So much for "diaries" these days!

But when someone threatens to delete me as their friend like it's going to hurt my feelings, I just laugh!!!

I think it's hilarious that so many relationships are based off a false reality!

There's no point to it...


I'm on Facebook because I have friends internationally that I would like to keep in touch with. I'm rarely on MySpace anymore because it's become an advertisement haven and nothing too enjoyable. Twitter confuses the f**k out of me, so I don't even attempt much past logging in every 6 months and writing a "tweet" that says something along the lines of, "I still don't understand this silly website!"

In the end of all this, I'm sad to report I lost a Facebook friend this week...haha..who am I kidding?! I'm not sad at all!!! Because in reality here, it doesn't mean a darn thing to me! Whew...I'm glad I live in the real world!

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