Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I like the sound of MARCH. I'm ready for Spring.

To be rid of saying January or February is kind of refreshing. March is early enough in the year that you don't feel like everything is slipping away but yet its past those two awful first months of the year where you're trying to make sense of everything!

March will hopefully bring some peace to my life. Living as a single mom is hard and most nights I'm just exhausted both emotionally and physically. But I think I'm finding my niche now. I think I'm okay with being alone most of the time with Marlee! She really is the best!

March will also hopefully bring some personal goals. I hope to be out of the terrible 190's by the end of the month! Actually, I'd love to be 189 by St. Patrick's Day but I'm not holding my breath! I really just want to get a routine back in place! I need to set my alarm for 8 am and whether Marlee is awake or not get out of bed and get things started!

Marlee turns 9 months on Friday! I can't believe the time has flown by so fast! Before I know it we'll be celebrating her first birthday! I should probably start saving and planning for that now!

Here's to MARCH! Please be nice to me!

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