Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm going to picture overload everyone right now. I've posted some of my favorites from Marlee's first few days.

Dad and her had an immediate connection when she was first getting bathed at the hospital. He was her "knight in shining armor" as they poked and proded her.

During our stay, we all took several naps together. Mine weren't nearly as cute as the two of them cuddled up!

We like to think she was blowing kisses while looking over Aunt Shanna's shoulder...

Getting ready to go home on June 6th. Grandma Regina bought this little outfit for Marlee.

The dearest sock monkey (who Dad and I lovingly call Butthole right now) was there when we got home to look over Marlee and keep his arm around her.

Great-Papa came to visit June 9th and fell in love! I have a feeling they'll be telling stories to one another for years!

Hercules loves Marlee...even though I don't think he quite understands who or what she is!

First outing June 10th at the pool. Marlee slept through the whole time while Dad had far too much fun doing flips into the pool!

June 12th a bunch of Grandma Regina's family came to visit where Marlee was the highlight of the time! Our little bug was passed around the whole day and loved it! Great grandma Annette and Great-Papa loved talking with Marlee.

As the days went on, Marlee got more and more curious about her surroundings. When we lay in bed and she sits against our knees, she has the perfect view of a light and 3 black-n-white photos on the wall. Her eyes have become very fond of all these objects!

Dad doesn't ever want to let go of his Marlee-bug...they love each other more than I can even express in this caption!

Another shot of love between Marlee and Dad! She spreads out on his belly letting her feet dangle and her ear listen to his heartbeat!

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