Friday, April 10, 2009

April showers...

I'm waiting for a true Spring around here! Thus far we've endured a blizzard and our typical crazy weather patterns of 60 degrees one day and then 30 the next! Oh well...keeps us on our toes!

Steven was VERY sick this week so it's been pretty quiet and calm around the house. He just slept on the couch for two days and I catered to him as much as I could. Today, I'm feeling kind of drained but I think thats just because it's kind of been a long week.

Easter should be good. My parents and brother went to Nebraska to spend it with my dad's sister. I wish I could have gone, but because of work and my random's I'm not able to really go very far. Soooo, Steven and I are going to head down to Denver and spend it with my mom's parents. I haven't seen that side of the family since Thanksgiving, so it ought to be good! PLUS, its the first time that any of them are meeting Steven...haha :) He's kind of worried about them judging him since he's all...well, hardcore...with his mohawk (which is growing out into a faux-hawk) and everything. But I don't think they'll judge him badly because he really is an intelligent and respectable person when you talk to him.

I'm hoping that my sudden workout gusto keeps on keepin' on...haha. I really enjoy that "runner's high" after the fact...but absolutely hate the running!!! Who doesn't?! So, the best that I've been doing is working my butt of at work in the warehouse...and then walking the dogs for a couple miles when I can! Oh, and hitting in the batting cage with Steven pitching to me. All in all, I'm getting there...maintaining a weight that I hate...but at least not gaining...

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