Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A point of..return?

I've been failing to keep up on posting in here...but I really thinkI need to.

Some sort of outlet needs to happen...

There have been a few changes in my, downs, all arounds...but I think all in all, things are going well!!!

I don't particularly have a starting point to write about right now...I could write about my living situation. Yes, that's what I'll do:

Well, I live in a house...420 sq feet..with two cats and now my boyfriend of 6 weeks. It was never an intention for him to come stay with me, but things out of our control happened within his family and his mom and him had to move from the apartment they were in. His mom now lives with a family friend (or is currently staying with) while my boyfriend stays with me. I'm not sure if this is going to be a permanent thing or just temporary.
His situation alone is cause for concern though. He doesn't work because there aren't any possibilities currently, nor does he have a car because of silly issues he left in California that were supposed to be taken care of. So..he's there...watching movies...all day long. Granted, he does help around the house...but I'm just not sure if that's enough.
My income is a second cause for concern. I make enough to essentially keep myself happy and my bills generally paid. But as for him, I don't know how he eats all day or what...and this just might be a strain with only my income. Hmm...we'll see I suppose.

My biggest concern (beyond those two major ones) is that this is all going to put a strain on such a NEW relationship. I was utterly content living alone but at the same time I didn't want to see him it just kind of happened. The both of us enjoy the same things and definitely live our lives in the same realm of morals/values and whatever. I just don't want to end up tired of being around him someday because he's always there... The last guy I lived with was my ex-husband..and well, look how that turned out!! ha! Again, we'll see...

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Jackie said...

Man that's a toughy. Living in that small of an area can be trying. Mike and I's place in Denver was 550 and man, sometimes you just need to shut the bedroom door to separate yourselves, lol. I was the only one working then too for most of it, but he had his poker income at the time that really helped. I hope it all goes well! Good luck for him on getting some income.