Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter eggs, swings, and sunshine!

Last weekend we did the local egg search. Let me tell you something...parents are ridiculous!!! I can't believe how many parents condone running into the hunt, grabbing as many as possible, and being rude! In my opinion, you're simply teaching them that quantity is better than quality. Marlee went into the hunt, finally got to pick up her own egg and ended up winning a prize! So, have at it parents! Enjoy your children and their sugar highs!!!

Afterward, we spent some time playing in the park. Marlee's favorite thing is to climb the stairs and swing. Sweet and simple. My kind of girl!

Today, my dad and grandma went to Nebraska for the weekend, so my mom joined Marlee and me for church. After church, we came to her house and had shrimp pasta and wine. It was calm and delicious!! My mom then put a few eggs in the backyard for Marlee to go and pick up!

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