Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beginning something new....

I find that I get a fair amount of bitching when I post in MySpace..therefore, I think a fix to this is to post in here the odd and potentially depressing thoughts that go on in my mind! We'll see if anyone bitches at me here... *shruggs*

Aside from that, it is indeed 5:04am...I have yet to go to bed... Sarah and I went dancing (normal event) but then we went to IHOP...then to Jr.'s house and sat and watched t.v. for a while with 3 people I didn't ever imagine watching t.v. with while we were all growing up together. Who? you ask... Well, Kyle W., Krista, and Chris S... *shruggs yet again* Well, anyhow...we ended up there for a little while..then we drove home..or well, I drove home rather...and now I'm still up typing away here on the computer!! :)

Umm...Yeah...I saw Jackie's YouTube of her fabulous new home...and I can't lie! I'm super uber duper jealous!!! I wish I had such comfort and ability to be out of good ole Eaton...but I don't...not yet!!! I will get there!!! There's no denying that!!! I MUST!

Okay...I'm doing horribly at this rambling thing I think I'll just end it here...

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